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According to research  it takes about 26 seconds for a visitor to judge your home as soon as they enter the door !

If you are planning to sell or rent out or even inviting party guests to your home, you want to make sure first impressions are the best.

If your home or rental property is not in a great state, you can make some simple changes that won't cost a fortune to give visitors a lasting impression.


This is the first place visitors will see and hence try and make it stylish. Ideally, think in terms of bright, organised and neutral.  Avoid decor that is quirky or odd. Best take the simple approach, basically decorate the entrance with a few furnishings that match or a stylish mirror.


People use scents i.e. perfumes to make them more appealing. Supermarkets use it to hekp increase sales. You can use the same approach and give guests a attractive mood by using a sweet scent. Research has found that fresh scents and vanilla were the most popular among home hunters. Hence, once recommendation is to light a candle or place a diffuser in the entrance to add an elegant and uplifting ambiance.


Experts also highly recommend to declutter the hallway or entrance area. This extends to any shoes ! Not only will they make the space feel smaller, but they'll make guests think you lack cleanliness.

Keys should always be hung neatly on a key rack, while shoes should go in a rack.

If you have nowhere to store the mess, pop your possessions in a decorative wicker basket instead or if store items in self storage units or  other suitable storage if planning to ready the property for sale.

Paint White

Incorporating the colour white into your home is the single quickest and easiest way to make it appear far more expensive.

Unlike saturated colours, the hue will never go out of fashion and is totally fool-proof. Visitors are also far more likely to think that a property has been recently decorated and is well taken care of.

Ivory acts as a blank canvas to furniture, artwork and accessories and automatically creates a feeling of space and elegance.

Personal Touch

If you have beds in the property, ensure new or clean linen is used. A good guide is to have two pillows per side of the bed, as well as fresh set of towels and sheets folded on the side.

To create a perfectly folded set of towels, First, lay the towel flat on a surface, and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, starting with the long side of the towel, fold the length in thirds.  Grasp the short side, and fold the towel in half. Repeat this step.


The right lighting style can make any room seem bigger, airier and more attractive. If you have a dark property, it may turn off potential buyers/tenants.

If a room is too tall, lighting placed low won't reach the ceiling. Thus, it will make the area look smaller than it really is.

For a very small room, you can visually push one wall open by washing it with light. For a wide room, illuminate the narrow ends. Conversely, if a room is too narrow, illuminate the wide sides of the room.

For any room, use high hats or recessed down-lights installed in ceilings with a dimmer control ideally.

  • In the bedrooms, add a floor lamp or table lamp and bedside lights.
  • For the bathrooms, angle recessed lighting to bounce light off the walls and ceiling to help reduce glare and shadow.
  • Use wall-mounted sconces or over-vanity lights beside the mirror.
  • Light your shower's interior with uniform brightness.
  • In the kitchen, focus on task lighting, like grouping down-lights to shed light where it's needed most.

If you're looking for a quick fix, replace all the old light fixtures with new ones. Be sure to get fixtures that produce 200 to 300 watts each, however.

Hence, no matter which room a prospective buyer walks into, it will be lit brightly and the lighting fixture itself will be modern and attractive.

One more tip is to add a least one halogen bulb per room. They use more electricity, but the extra light often makes the difference when a buyer is deciding on the property.


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