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Christmas is approaching and hence it will be a busy period of the year for all. By the time you get you shopping done, gifts wrapped and cakes baked, it’s likely you don’t have the energy left to put into extravagant decorating. Although less than energetic, you still want your home decorated for Christmas. After all, Christmas is just not the same without lights, decorations and family!

Decorating your home for Christmas can be stressful, but can be much reduced if planned well. There are a number of things you can do to style your home for this great festive season.

• One suggestion is use ribbon. If you have a decorating theme for Christmas, regarding colour, choose ribbon to correspond with your theme. You can tie ribbons to all sorts of items in your home such as chair backs, wreathes, basket handles, stair railings and even doorknobs. Ribbons and bows are very festive. A good idea is to choose ribbon which can be easily untied and retied. This way you can reuse the ribbon another Christmas season or another party.

• Good lighting is another important consideration. During the month of December turn off your lights. Make use of your candles in every room of your home. Place candles on the dining table, on the coffee and end tables in the living room and perhaps place a nice scented pillar candle in the bathroom. Don’t just put them there for decorations but also make sure to light them each night. If you have pets or small children you may be best to avoid using candles in case of accidents. For safety reasons, it is a good idea to Use appropriate candle holders or decorative lantern. A helpful tip in deciding if a vessel is the right size for a candle is the 70/30 ratio (70% empty space to 30% candle) - a general rule we use is making sure at least three finger widths can fit the entire way around the candle before touching the edge. If the vessel is not an adequate size, it can cause the candle to overheat and collapse.

• Decorating your home for Christmas should always include a Christmas tree. After decorating the tree with suitable ornaments and lights, use the leftover branches to make great little bundles for your home. Put the greens in a basket or bowl, add pinecones, bows and ornaments. Use the branches to make swags to hang over doors throughout your home. Take the evergreen sprigs or artifical version and place them around your home, on windows, on a bookcase shelf. Evergreen branches and sprigs certainly reflect Christmas. Not only do they look nice but they make your home more inviting.

• Using holiday tableware is another fantastic and low cost idea. Search your home for anything Christmas, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, any piece of tableware that has a Christmas theme. Make sure to use these items each and every meal, every day throughout the Christmas season. Another good idea is to buy a few pieces each year. In time you’ll have enough tableware to serve the entire family.


Christmas is a time for celebrating. It’s a time to pull out all the stops. Snow is always nice for Christmas - but unlikely in Sunny Singapore! When decorating your home for Christmas, why not use snow, artificial snow to add a sparkle to your home. Sprinkle it on the dining table, the hutch or the fireplace. Use ornaments which reflect light and hang them around your home, from doors or even indoor trees and plants. This will definitely look dazzling at night as the light flickers off the ornaments. Decorating your home for Christmas shouldn’t be a dreadful task but a delightful experience. One more thing to remember is not to over-think your plan. Keep it simple because simplicity is elegant and beautiful and also quick to do.


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